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Hi Support,

Looking through the API reference, I have noticed some discrepancies. One of these is specific to a certain call (https://carecanada.freshservice.com/helpdesk/tickets.json) and the other is more generall (all excerpts taken from http://api.freshservice.com/):


Your documentation claims that the output looks like this: 



When in fact it looks like this:





I did some digging, and this output is actually the output one would expect using the FreshDesk V2.0 API, but I was under the impression that FreshService and FreshDesk were separate products. Please explain.


"Freshservice APIs have been implemented as plain XML or JSON over HTTP and use the following REST Commands:" 

This is entirely false. Trying to use XML returns:


 <message>Currently XML is not available! , Please try JSON</message>


When will XML be supported?

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A month and no response? Any feedback about this?

Hey Adam,

Sorry for delayed response.

When you append .JSON to a ticket URL, the response looks like the one below.

{"helpdesk_ticket":{"cc_email":{"cc_emails":[],"fwd_emails":["rajagopal \u003Crajagopal.b@freshdesk.com\u003E"],"reply_cc":[],"tkt_cc":[]},"created_at":"2016-06-28T09:00:12-

Please find the screenshot below.

Regarding the XML support, we had both JSON and XML support, later the XML support was removed due to some security reasons.

Also, The API V2.0 is not supported in Freshservice as of now.

Hope this helps, feel free to write back to support@freshservice.com for further support.



Yes, I figured out that those were all the case. But I had to figure it out because your documentation had incorrect information in it., rendering it essentially useless as a tool.

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Hi Adam,

We have updated the API documentation. Thanks for bringing this to our notice.