App Assistance: Copy Ticket Subject to Clipboard

  • 3 April 2019
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I am trying to build a custom FreshService app that copies the ticket subject to the clipboard when executed.  I have the following code, but when i launch the app from inside a ticket, it appears nothing happens.  Not sure what I am doing wrong, but would love help if anyone has it.


$(document).ready( function() {
.then(function(_client) {
var client = _client;'app.activated',
function() {'ticket')
.then(function(data) {
subject = data.ticket.subject;
var temp_holder = document.createElement("input");
temp_holder.setAttribute("id", "subject");
document.getElementById("subject").value = subject;;
client.interface.trigger("showNotify", {
type: "success",
message: "Subject Copied to Clipboard"

 Thank you


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2 replies

Turned out to be a chrome extension blocking the execution of the app.  Disabled extension and things seemed to work ok.  now the challenge i am facing is that returns a very long integer, but not the actual ticket number in the helpdesk.  does anyone know the ticket data field that contains the actual ticket number?


Not sure if you resolved this yet but the ticket number for the field you are looking for should be data.ticket.display_id.