{{approval.portal_url}} & {{approval.url}} take user to the wrong portal link

  • 3 November 2021
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In MSP mode and have multiple portals setup.

When creating an approval email template using {{approval.portal_url}} & {{approval.url}} each placeholder creates a link which takes user to the wrong portal. Regardless of the approval users company or domain, when you use these placeholders, they default to a portal of the systems choosing. How can you send an approval link someone who only has access to a certain portal? 

1 reply

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Hi @James@Rahi,



The approval placeholder {{approval.portal_url}} will return the portal URL based on the requester’s associated company. If there is no company associated with the requester, it will return the default URL instead. 

If this is not working as expected, could you write to us at and share with us your Freshservice account URL and some sample ticket IDs where the approval was triggered with incorrect links? We’ll be happy to check this and update you.


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