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  • 4 October 2019
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Has anyone been successful at getting any documentation about the FS Discovery Agent?  The online info is super high level and not sufficient to explain how it operates at all, much less how to manage it.  I can't seem to get any response out of our FS account team, which seems to be a trend.

Further, is there any more documentation about the Software Asset Management service that is marked "Beta"?  What's still in beta?  Why is the reporting from Macs to Win workstations behaving differently?  I can't even see the FS Discovery Agent loaded on the Macs despite the fact that they are showing up in the inventory.  If they can't get your own agent reporting in properly, I'm worried this isn't a mature product.

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1 reply

Hi Chris,

I apologise for the delayed response. 

Would it be possible for you to let us know what kind of information you'd like in the Solution Article on the Freshservice Discovery Agent? I'd like to understand your view on this so that I can have this discussed with our product team to act upon. 

In regard to our Software Asset management module, earlier, we created all Softwares as CI's (Configuration items) and this was enhanced to become the present Software Asset Management module which is a single place to track all Softwares. However, this feature is still in Beta as it is missing a few core functionalities such as Reporting, Customisation etc. We are actively working on this and it should be enhanced in our future deployments. I hope this clears up the "Why is this in Beta?" question. 

Coming to why the Discovery Agent does not show up in a MAC device, Agent is displayed during startup for a Windows machine and that's why you're able to identify it easily. But, MAC Agent services aren’t exposed so you would not be able to find the application. However, if you find that the MAC agent fails to report the asset, please send us the logs of the Mac. The path for Agent in Mac devices is as follows : Library/Freshservice/Freshservice-Discovery-Agent/ 

We should be able to help you out as this is being used by most of our customers.

Thanks for using Freshservice!