Auto Time Tracking On Ticket View

  • 5 November 2021
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We have moved from ServiceNow to Freshservice. One thing that used to happen in ServiceNow is when an agent is viewing a ticket it would automatically track time spent. You could also track time by adding it manually.

I have looked at the Auto Timer app but it will track the time from one status to whatever status we select to stop the timer, not really when a user is viewing the ticket.

Appreciate any input.



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3 replies

I am curious about this as well. I need to start tracking my agent’s time spent on tickets so I can monitor our utilization, but I can’t trust my agents to remember to manually log that time.

Basing this off the ticket status doesn’t tell me how long my agents are actually spending on the ticket… it just tells me how long that ticket sat in whatever status. 

Seems like there is no easy way to track this data. 

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There is an app called autotimer that can do this for you.

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Hi @dwoods11 

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The best out-of-the-box solution to Track time would be @patricksawyer ’s suggestion. 

There is an app called autotimer that can do this for you.

You can get the exact time spent on tickets & changes by the Agent with the help of the Auto Timer app. The caveat here being that, the App only calculates based on the ticket’s Status. If you would want to track how long an Agent is viewing a Ticket, this is not possible natively and a Custom App would have to be developed for your use-case either by us or one of our trusted SI partners.