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  • 21 July 2021
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Trying to aut0 populatte ticket properties / tags

I’m Experiencing difficulties to auto populate dropdown list such "ember-basic-dropdown-content-emberXXXX". Is this becaues it is positioned within “ember-basic-dropdown-wormhole”?

This is before I click dropdown menu/list

And the wormhole contains nothing

As I click on the dropdown menu/list

And as you can see, I can now access these elements.

Is it simply not possible to access this with js? Just being a noob with js and fd, I feel totally clueless. Adding my own name automatically to the tickets I handle should not be that very difficult or did I miss something?  

Even trying with use of slow /canned responses, may I also set the ticket properties and tags /c ? Been made to improve productivity and if this /canned1 response is suitable for 80% of my tickets and 90% of them are incorrectly ticketed. It would be great if there is an option to do so. 

In-case this is simply not possible to achieve for us agents working with FW- Are there any freshdesk clones in which there would be easier and faster work flow?

 Thank you

3 replies

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Hello @judyann,

I think we could use a little clarity to better help you. Are you using “Freshdesk” or “Freshservice”. As this is in the freshservice product community I will try and answer your questions with that platform in mind.

What you are trying to do with auto-assignment is very easy to set up using the Workflow Automator. With workflow you can identify the ticket with some conditional (ex. subject line, category, requester, etc) when it is created and then perform a number of updates to the ticket at that time, like assigning an agent, categorizing the ticket, adding a canned response, tagging a ticket, etc. I think the workflow automator would suffice for your use case and you wouldn’t have to worry about writing any Javascript applications to make that happen. 

But if a custom app is what you are looking for then I suggest bringing your inquiry over to the developer community at

Hope this helps,


Please excuse my incredible low knowledge of how format a discussionboard message.

Without any sort of admin tools, I believe I’m limited to canned responses, placeholders and tamper/greasemonkey.

If I’m not mistaken, replying to an email / ticket, the placeholders general use would be to get the placeholders variable information from outside the textarea of the email and place that variable in preffered position inside the email textarea? A simple example of a canned response named “customer name” would be 

/c “customer name”:

“Hi {{ticket.requester.fullname}}”

What I wish for while working in helpdesk, would be for this simple javascript to simply work 

/c “add this tag”:

“Hi {{ticket.requester.lastname}}

in the ticket that this is replying to, there may be some variables I would like to have in my ticket properties and it would be great if they could be added automatically”

With this javascript runing in tampermonkey or greasemonkey meanwhile.

If (cannedResponse === "add this tag"){

thisTag = getitem.corsTabvalue();  // get a cross tab variable to use with ticket properties

document.getElementById("customFields.cf_TAGS_emberXXXX").value = “thisTag” // inserting the variable to tickets properties *Tags* textbox

in fairness it does work in the tickets properties which are “textbox” but I’m really so very stuck with the *ember power select option* dropdown lists, see *type* in picture.

The elements / values of list, of the dropdown *type* does not exists while being hidden in a wormhole, and only exists once the dropdown is expanded by click. 
I do not know how to proceed. I’m really out of ideas and been considering Python autokey automation and script it such as


to select preferred value of such dropdown lists.




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Thank you for going into further detail. I suggest brining this use case into the freshworks developer community. There, the DevRel team would be able to indicate limitations of the platform. Be sure to indicate what platform you are using as not all products function the same. There are significant differences between Freshdesk and Freshservice when it comes to service desk (help desk) functionality.