Automatically Associate assets to Offboarding Request

  • 27 September 2022
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So wanted to know if there if any way to build an expression to associate Term Employee assets to ticket and then email different groups based on those assets. 

For Example HR will raise Offboarding request where the Term Employee Name is there ( this is a dynamic filed in the service request so I can pull their associated of Freshservice) 

I want to then be able to associate all the assets that the user has to that ticket and depending on the assets they have email different department that deals with those assets. We are also using Assets fields to manage their Saas Application access as there is not other way to associate that to users currently. 

If anyone can help me build workflow automator expression to this would be really helpful. I would assume we are able to do something like below 


Get Term Employee ID 

Get Ticket ID 

Get Asset where used by = Term Employee ID 

Associate Assets where TicketID = TicketID 


For Each (Associate Asset) 


IF Associate Asset includes desktop 

         Email Desktop team

If assocaite Asset include laptop 

       Email Laptop team 

etc etc etc …




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