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  • 20 November 2019
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HI - looking for some guidance.

We have high value email alerts sent to Freshservice so a ticket gets created automatically.

What we would like to achieve is that if a new ticket is created and it has the exact same subject as another open ticket ------ then either the ticket is merged automatically OR added as a child ticket OR the original ticket updated.     Whatever is the easiest to do.and avoids duplication of tickets.

Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.

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2 replies


would it be possible to use a webhook?

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Hi Rory,

I am afraid calling a webhook in the workflow automator wouldn't solve this however, you can try our default marketplace app called “Auto Ticket Merger” which would automatically merge tickets with the same subject, raised within a short time span. All the other tickets except the first one will get automatically marked as 'Closed'

Admin >> Helpdesk Productivity >> Apps >> Get More Apps >>  Auto Ticket Merger 

I hope this helps.