Avoid mail notification when requester and agent are the same user

  • 4 May 2021
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By default for every newly created ticket a mail notification to the requester is send.
However, it happens from time to time that an agent enters a ticket as a requester which he then processes himself. In that case this user receives three mail notifications. One because he opens the ticket as requester, a second because he assigned the ticket to himself and a third because he assigned the ticket to a group he is a member of.

Is there any possibility to avoid mail notifications when the requester and the agent are the same user? Or further, can I avoid a notification when I assign a ticket to myself and have only notifications when assigning tickets to other agents?

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Hi @m.rieder 


By default when you assign a ticket to yourself, the email notification is not sent. However, for the other two cases, we do send out new ticket-created notifications to the requester, and the group assigned notification to the agent. 

We have a workaround, let us know if this will help. You can create a workflow automator that checks if the requester emails belong to any of the agents in the system and skip the new ticket-created notifications. 



However, note that there is no way to stop the group assignment notifications. 




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