Barcode Scanner added in the iOS app to help scan assets.

This feature does not appear to be available in the new version. I checked and there are no updates for the Frreshservice app. The store shows the app as version 1.0.3 and with an updated date of Feb 17,2015. I am using an iPhone 5c.

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Hi Jeff,

I'm very sorry for the mixup here. The version with the Barcode Scanner feature is still waiting for approval from Apple. It might take a day or two for it to be released on the app store. Again I apologise for the miscommunication.

Understood - thank you. I figured the Apple store approval may have been holding it up.

Hi Jeff,

I'm pleased to inform you that the update has been approved by apple and it is available on the app store now. Please give it a spin and let us know how you feel about it 🙂 .


Hi Radheshyan,


I see the app has been updated but the assets section is missing. In the app store it shows the image of assets from the menu button but it does not appear in the app. When I go to about in the app it shows the new version 1.1.0



Are you logged in as a Requester, Jeff?

The barcode scanner will be accessible only by agents and not requesters. If you are already logged in as an agent, please log out and login again and see if this solves the issue.

Also, if your agent role doesn't have access permission to the CMDB module, you won't see the Assets section in the app.

I am an agent with admin access.

Logging out and logging back in did the trick. I would assume other people will have this issue - so maybe worth noting it on the release/new feature communication.

Sure, Jeff. We will narrow down this issue and fix it in a future release.


I don't think it needs to be resolved. I am sure logging in/logging out will be fine for anyone who wants to use this they just need to know to log out. Anyone new who installs the app shouldn't have the issue I am assuming. Been using the scanner and Asset functions and it works pretty well. Thanks again.

Thanks for your valuable feedback and we are very happy to know that you like the new functionality, Jeff 🙂 This sure does motivate us to do more and enhance the customer experience on every front.

Awesome, worked perfectly! A wonderful addition to the product.

Thanks, Paul. Glad that you are loving it!. Scan on!! :)