bug report: multiple Approvals to same person do not display

  • 2 February 2023
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I may have encountered a bug:


I have several procedures which require approval.

There are occasions when two different systems will have the same approver, so I need two distinct approvals from this person.  But when I put in the second approval, it either overwrites the first or just doesn’t post.


Has anyone else had this issue?

2 replies

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Can you please send a screenshot of this issue to and they will look into this issue .


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I have many workflows that first approval is to the persons manager or department head.  If approved by either of those then it goes to the business owner to approve the service request.

There are times when the manager is the department head and also the business line approver. I think this replicates your scenario. I’ve never had an issue in that case with it skipping the second approval even to the same manager. Actually they would like to have it skip so they only have to approve once and I’ve not figured out how to skip approval and move the workflow forward.