Building a Service Desk System for multiple Departments

  • 9 January 2020
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I am currently investigating the best approach for building a service desk system for multiple departments (e.g. IT, HR, Facilities etc). One requirement that we have that identified is that we want to have different configurations for each department (e.g. different email address and portals). Also we want to keep some of the content confidential (e.g. HR tickets should only be seen by the HR department).

We are currently interested in finding out whether we can use MSP mode to do this, or whether a better approach would be to use different instances of FreshService, or whether there is another approach that we haven't come across yet.


Does anybody have any views on the best way of setting up service desks for multiple departments in Freshservice?

4 replies

Hello Paul,

We have two suggestions for how this can be implemented.

Using the legacy MSP mode in Freshservice gives you the advantage of having a separate requester portal and a unique support email for each of your departments(Company). You would have a single Agent portal for ease of access.

Group level scopes for agents would ensure that they are restricted from accessing tickets of other groups.

More information here.

The other option is Multi account MSP mode which would basically allow each department to have its very own Freshservice instance. This means you can set up separate forms, notifications, workflows, etc., for each instance (a.k.a department).

If you have agents who work with multiple departments, they can switch between instances seamlessly using the Freshworks switcher. Also, there would be a common dashboard where you can have a quick overview of ticket stats from different departments.
For further details on this, click here!

I hope you now have enough information to decide which option would suit you best. Should you have any further queries, drop us an email at

I have the same requirement at my business like Paul. My question as we dont not have employees who will switch instances.

  • Legacy mode - its wording suggests old mode - is this going to be replaced by something new or replaced by Multi account?



Hi Ian,

We will continue to support the legacy MSP mode. In the event that this should change in the future, you can be assured that official communication to that effect will be sent out well in advance and we will make the transition as smooth as possible for the customer base.

Best Regards,

Team Freshservice

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We now have Workspaces as a new feature in Freshservice. This is going to be very helpful to manage departmental services. Please find the below link to check how they work,


Thanks! :)