Bullets in Bulleted Lists in Ticket Details don't display

  • 21 January 2019
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When using the Bulleted List element in an Email or Note in any type of ticket in Freshservice, the bullets don't appear in either the editor or the saved Email/Note.

Looking over the styling of an unordered list (UL), I noticed that both the UL and OL elements are told to not have any kind of list style.

When using a Bulleted List, seeing the Bullets is expected behavior (as far as I'm aware).

I have attached a screenshot of a Note I added to a ticket, the HTML outputted, and the styling applied to the element.


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1 reply

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Hi Travis,

We tried reproducing the scenario and looks like the bullet list appears and aligns based on the ul syntax for bulleting which helps for un-ordered listing and not sure, if this is something with the browser, I'll have this topic converted to a ticket and will have our Team to help you over this.