Campaign ideas to encourage the customer's response rate

  • 10 July 2019
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Hi all. I would like to know ideas about how they have carried out campaigns to encourage customers to respond to the satisfaction surveys of the tickets. This is because in my company it is not mandatory to give feedback, but the response rate is very low and we want to encourage users to complete the satisfaction survey.


We have tried flyers and email campaigns, but they have not had any effect. Do you have any suggestions?

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2 replies

Hey Isaac

One thing I do is ensure I always go back to any negative comments and discuss how we use this feedback to get better - as this shows we are listening.

I also publish the results each month on our intranet, along with a comment around what we've done on the back of the comments.

It's important to show that CSAT is not just a thing we do to tick a box, but it helps us make decisions and improve our service...

This helps to build a reputation that we take feedback seriously and that we do things as a result of it. 

Hope that makes sense!

Hi Issac, 

Personalising the email content of your survey can increase response rates. Customising it with data you know about your requesters, can add a pleasant, human perspective to your emails that encourage responses. You can do this by going to Admin -> Helpdesk Productivity ->  Customer Satisfaction. 

Here, you can customise the title of your survey and add levels of questions to be asked when the requester chooses the survey options. 

Another way we could think of was sending gentle reminders when you haven’t heard from the requester for a while. You can choose to send between one to three reminders using updated language each time so it doesn’t look like you’re simply repeating the original. You can configure reminders by using Supervisor rules and Workflow Automators. 

After hearing from the requesters, as Sam mentioned in the earlier reply, going back on feedback, especially negative is always good practice to show your employees that your IT Helpdesk listens and improves their service accordingly. 

A way we have found to be most useful is encouraging the use of the self-service portal. Here, when a ticket is resolved, the CSAT survey is displayed on the ticket that's resolved which urges the requester to respond to the survey. You can also use Announcements on Freshservice and send out announcement emails to boost your chances of getting a response for your CSAT surveys. 

I hope this helps. Happy supporting!