Can external employees use Freshservice

  • 14 June 2022
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Freshservice is mostly for internal employees. But can it be used by the company customer? If so then how to enable and onboard them?

5 replies

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Hello @bhota, we use freshservice in this way. Technically our “customers” are fellow employees but we utilize the service desk as the first point of contact for all types of support. It really boils down to how you organize your Service Catalog, Support Portal, and how you use incidents for support inquiries. Freshservice has an employee onboarding that I imagine you could leverage. But you also could just create a Knowledge base article that explains how to use your support portal. 

Freshservice can definitely be used in the manner you are describing it just takes some time to customize it in that fashion.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the response @zachary.king. This helps

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We started our journey with FreshDesk for internal employees then discovered that FreshService was what we really needed for Asset Inventory, Software, Service Requests, Workflows, etc.  We are using FreshService for internal employees and separated FreshDesk for our external customers.

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Hello @bhota You can try with freshservice feedback widget which can embeded in your website for your customers. Hope this will work for you. Please see the below solution article


 if you want non-logged users to raise incident ticket make the visibility from portal settings.

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Great idea @Mathew Sebastian, This has proven to be helpful for us as well.