Can I mod the menu bar to add buttons for [Add New Contact] or [Add New Company]?

  • 19 October 2022
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When I need to manually add a new contact or a new company, I hate having to drive 100 miles.

Admin > scroll to bottom of page > Contact > Add New Contact   

Admin > scroll to bottom of page > Company > Add New Company    

  M A D N E S S  !!!!!!!

Is there any way to add buttons here?


or here?


2 replies

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TY @zachary.king  for the suggestion - I’ll pop it over there.

I used to use Fresh Desk and I recall that adding New Contacts and New Companies was right at the top of the page along with Add New Incident.  So maybe it won’t be such an ordeal to add that code to FS as well.  

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Hi @BrynCYDEF, you are not going to find a way to change the UI unfortunately :( But I like your idea! So I would suggest adding it here so we can upvote it and send it to as a feature request!!!

Maybe one day we will be able to write code to change the Agent’s UI. Fingers crossed!!! 🤞