Can you force an Agent into support portal after login via SSO?

  • 21 July 2022
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We are using SSO to authenticate all of our users.  If a Requestor visits the FreshService support portal they will remain in the support portal after they complete the SSO authentication.  But if an Agent visits the support portal, after they login via SSO they are redirected to the agent portal.  Is there a way for all users to redirect to the support portal regardless if they are a Requestor or an Agent?

3 replies

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Not sure there is a way to force that or what is your use case for it, but if you add /support/home/ to your URL you will land at the end user portal whatever is your role.

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The answer is no.  I tried and through a support call, agents will always open in agent portal.  They would need to redirect on their own.

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Hi @sleclerc ,


We can redirect all users to the requester portal when the users login using the relay state in the Azure active directory(or any AD that as an option to enter relay state URL). I have attached a sample image down below where if you give the requester URL i.e under the relay state field, it will redirect all users to the requester page.




Aravindsrihari B V.