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  • 16 July 2021
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Is there a way to not make the requester reply to a closed ticket? And leave a message saying to open a new one instead when we close ticket?


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Hello @Frank-Sonder , one way we made this work was to remove the button “Close Ticket” from the support portal so that the requester can not click it and close tickets.


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I don’t mind requester closing tickets or my team closing it. It’s just when it’s closed it’s closed, I don’t want anybody to reply back to it. Is there a way to do that?

We have a workflow automator setup so that when a requester replies to a closed ticket it sends them an email that the ticket is closed.



  • reply is sent
  • note added is of this type: any
  • performed by: requester


  • status is closed


  • send email to requester


Hi Frank


We have a similar setup to mfiss however rather than emailing the requester we create a follow up ticket using API. The event triggers and conditions are all the same but instead we have use a “Web request “ to GET’s all the ticket information of the original ticket and then use the Parser Node to reference things like Department ID/ Group ID etc so the “Trigger Webhook” will create a follow up ticket that contains all the necessary information straight from the off (including the {{ticket.last_public_comment}}).


We also include in the original ticket description {{ticket.description}} and a reference to back to the original ticket ID via a URL {{ticket.url}}.


Additionally to this we have a Business rule which disables the Closed field within a ticket when a ticket status equals Closed.


Hope this helps.