Change tickets - Trigger an approval after change ticket is opened?

  • 7 October 2022
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I am reviewing our change ticket approval process and the way that it transitions from one stage to the next stage.  Right now, it’s a very manual process and most of the time, the tickets don’t even transition from one stage to the next while the work is being done -- we’re fairly new at implementing the use for Changes in FreshService for our change management process.

Are there any ways to use the Workflow Automator to automatically trigger an approval after the ticket is opened? Or maybe there’s another way to achieve this?

For reference, this is what our Change Lifecycle looks like:


2 replies

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We have automated the approval step on our workflows, so when the status is changed to Awaiting approval it will send out approvals and once approved change the status to the next status. 



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Thanks @hicky3! I’ll give this a try.