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  • 25 September 2022
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Hi, we’ve recently gone live with FS and I am in the process of setting up dashboards to monitor team performance. Can someone help me… I want to create a widget showing closed tickets by agent today?

Hopefully I am missing something as I am sure this will be a widely used metric.



3 replies

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Hi Dave.


You may check standard curated Analytics reports: Helpdesk at a Glance and Agent Performace. You may clone them or widgets and update it to your needs.


But, on the Dashboard, most ticket widgets are based on Views, but for the currently unresolved tickets. You might try setting up Arcade and check your agents scoring.


One workaround could be using the Tickets I'm watching. There's a standard view for it; you might create a workflow for, when a ticket gets closed, set the action to add you as a watcher. So, you may see the corresponding widget in the dashboard based in such standard view.


Unfortunately, there is no automatic action to Remove as watcher, so, you'll need to remove yourself from the tickets after a day has passed if you intend to see only the closed for the day.


As you said, this is definitely a widely used metric, but such metrics are viewed through Analytics.


So, your best approach is to use Analytics.


Hope this helps.




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Hi @Dave M, just as @eeha0120 mentioned you are probably best suited for building a Dashboard for Reporting out of the Analytics module. You can definitely get the metric you are looking for out of their. You can grant your team leaders access to Analytics and they can see the reports for themselves, even curate them for their liking. Or you can schedule an email containing the report to be sent to your teams as necessary.

Hope that helps! Take care.

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Thanks @zachary.king and @eeha0120, i appreciate your help. Having spent more time today I can see how the analytics module will provide what I need. Unfortunately I am having some challenges with that module at the mo and have an ongoing support call open with FS.

I think it would be useful if we were able to filter by tickets closed today on the ‘My Dashboard’ does anyone know if this is a roadmap item? I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels this is missing.

Cheers again,