Closing Parent Child Tickets with Mandatory Categories

  • 2 July 2020
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I may be missing the option here but I would like to my Child tickets to inherit the Categories(including Sub Categories) from the Parent ticket when its closed. 

We are currently using the Ticket Closure Rule "All associated tasks should be completed" which almost makes the Parent - Child function useless if we also have to go in and assign categories for each of the child tickets before closing. Anyone else stuck in this situation?

1 reply

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Hi Jose,

We have a few solutions for you.

  1. You can use workflows to auto-update the values from Parent ticket to its Associated Child tickets. Note that each category (and subcategory) value has to be configured in a separate branch and the workflow can get complex depending on the number of values.


  1. Another workaround is to use the Parent-Child Synchronization app. If the agent adds a note with the Category and Subcategory values on the Parent ticket, the app will add a note on the Child ticket as well. The agent handling the child ticket can look at the note and update the values accordingly.



  1. You can also choose to copy the details from the Parent ticket while creating a new child ticket.  


I hope this helps.



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