Coming soon: Freshservice Ninja Meet-up | Share your expectations with us!

Coming soon: Freshservice Ninja Meet-up | Share your expectations with us!

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Hi @manns! Here’s a recording of the Ninja Meet-up :) 


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@zachary.king I am out of the office for a few weeks but will reply with what we are building for our known issues list when I return 🙂

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Hi Ninjas and enthusiasts!! Remember during the meet-up we mentioned to you about the Ninjas getting exclusive access to try our 1:1 networking program? Have you signed up yet?

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Thanks for sharing the recording. Finally sat down to watch it :)

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Finally making it around to share our “known issues list” process. We use problems within FreshService to track both outages as well as on going issues that require more involved fixes. We wanted to develop a process that allows our employees to easily let us know that they are experiencing a particular issue which provides the team responsible for problem resolution with more examples and additional staff that they can reach out to for more information. The process that we are using relies on a number of different technologies within our environment, however, this same solution could be developed in a number of different ways.

First we added a checkbox and a new text field to the “problem” form. As shown:

Since we are ‘publishing’ the known issues list to SharePoint we keep track of the ID of the item in the SharePoint list to make updates easier (for example, we want to hide the item if the ‘add to public known issues list’ is unchecked.

We then execute the following workflow within FreshService whenever a problem is reported or updated

The web services call in the third box executes a routine in our RPA platform which copies some properties from the problem to the SharePoint list, which ensures that they are always in sync.

Within SharePoint the list then looks like the following:

The link under “Registration Link” is a customized link with query string parameters which pass the FreshService problem ID and problem title to a form within sharepoint which looks like the image below:

The user then fills out this form which, upon submission, will create a new incident that is associated with the specific problem in FreshService. We append the users email address to the end of the title which is used for the subject of the created incident request so that the techs can quickly see the users who have experienced the issue by looking at the associated incidents in the problem.

We specifically worked this using ‘low code/no code’ processes, however, if you wanted to develop a website that pulled the data directly from FreshService that could make this simpler. It would be great if FS was able to provide this type of functionality “out of the box” and have the known issues list linked from the end user portal.

Feel free to ask any questions you have :)