Configuration Key for Helpdesk URL

  • 30 June 2022
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Does anyone know the Configuration key for Helpdesk URL for Freshservice mobile app?

We are deploying the app on end user mobile devices and need to auto-fill the Helpdesk URL.




7 replies

I am also looking for this information. Would love to be able deploy the app to our Mobile Devices and have the URL auto-fill.

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Hello @zdowning, I raised a support request with Freshservice and got the below reply. Hope that helps. I managed to set it up and now it auto populates with the URL.


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So basically, you can configure this is in App Config policies and add the URL in the configuration value if you are using Intune.

Hi, thanks for providing this config key! Unfortunately this seems to work only with the Freshservice app and not with the Freshdesk Support app? Cheers, Michael

...and the parameter doesn’t work with the Freshchat app...

gratitude for giving this config key! Tragically this appears to work just with the Freshservice application and not with the Freshdesk Backing application? Cheers, Michael.  archie squishmallow

No, I don’t know.