Converting Incident to Change

  • 15 July 2022
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Dear All, Can someone let me know what happens when you convert or associate an Incident to a Change? What happens to the SLA for the incident.

Let’s say we have an incident which has been due for resolution for some time as its actually a change which needs to be implemented. What happens to the SLA when we create a change and associate with this incident.

2 replies

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@bhota when we have a ticket tied to a problem or a pending change, we update the status of the ticket from open to “pending” or “waiting on 3rd party” that way the delay does not affect the team’s performance grading. One caution with this approach is that there may be less urgency by that team to push the vendor or the business unit for action.

You can set and create these statuses in the Admin > Field Manager > Form Fields view



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*Thank you for the response and inputs. This helps.