Copying Categories from Parent to Child ticket

  • 15 March 2023
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Hi.  I’m after some assistance please.  I’ve added a workflow automation in Freshservice to resolve any child tickets when a parent ticket is resolved.  This is working, but I’d like to copy the closure reasons\closure category\resolution notes from the parent ticket to the child tickets.  I’ve not been able to work out how to do this.  I’ve also had a look at the parent-child sync app that is available, but it doesn’t look like this will copy categories over.  Can anybody help me please?

6 replies

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In the Action node you have a dropdown field where you can select to run that action in all child tickets. 



Thanks Daniel.  I’ve seen this option, but I can’t see what I need to add to get it to set the categories that same.  If I select “set category”, then I seem to have to select a particular category.  Is there something I can add to say set it to the same category as the parent incident?

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You are right it’s hard set. You can’t select a placeholder. 

API, but then you can only change one child ticket. 

I guess a new app or requesting adding it to the parent/child sync app. 



For the notes and automatic closing i used the Parent-Child Synchronization app in there store, im still working on how to copy categories using custom objects, but the app might help you foreward a bit already.

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Hello looked at it a bit more. 

You need do something like this on all tickets. 
As you can’t trigger on explicit child tickets. 

1)Web request node (W1) - Get ticket 
2)Parse  node W1
3)Condition  node Expression {{p1.root.ticket.related_tickets.parent_id}} != “” → YES
( If the ticket do not have a parent ticket nothing happens )

4)Web request(W2)  GET parent ticket {{p1.root.ticket.related_tickets.parent_id}}
(Get the data from the parent ticket )

5) Parse W2
6) Web request PUT ticket {{}}
(Update the current ticket)


        "category": “{{p2.root.ticket.category}},

        "sub_category": {{p2.root.ticket.sub_category}},

        "item_category": {{p2.root.ticket.item_category}}



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You may need to add extra expression nodes before the last put. 
Placeholders that are empty do not return null so you need to something like this 

if “{{p2.root.ticket.category}}” == “”,”null”,”{{p2.root.ticket.category}}”
if “{{p2.root.ticket.sub_category}}” == “”,”null”,”{{p2.root.ticket.sub_category}}”
if “{{p2.root.ticket.item_category}}” == “”,”null”,”{{p2.root.ticket.item_category}}”



        "category": “{{E1.result}},

        "sub_category": {{E2.result}},

        "item_category": {{E3.result}}