Creating a Supervisor rule

  • 23 January 2015
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I am trying to create a rule to send an email to a group when we escalate a ticket to them, for example:

Service Desk carry out 1st and 2nd line investigation on the ticket.

Ticket requires input from 3rd line (field based) agent.

Service Desk assign the ticket to 3rd Line group.

Group receives an email notifying them a ticket has been escalated.

I have set this up in Supervisor with the condition that Group IS 3rd Line and the actions to send email to Group 3rd Line.

I've just tested this with a ticket but not received an email yet. 

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1 reply

I'm sorry for the late response, Charlie. Hope you did get that mail some time after you posted this query.

The Supervisor basically runs through our service desk every hour and looks for tickets that meet the condition. It then performs the specified task for those tickets. (Use case: Send the customer a follow-up mail if they haven't responded for too long)

If you want this mail to be sent the moment to the 3rd Line, you want to create an "Observer" rule. Click on Observer in the Admin console and create a similar rule. I've attached a screenshot of the rule here. Hope it helps!

PS  I'm also attaching a PDF that explains other automation features. I'm sure you'll find it helpful :)