critical problem with service catalog template

Hi together,




today i experienced the following critical problem:

We already had a service catalog template called "access permissions". 

With this the users were able to ask for some permissions. 

Inside of this template there was a single line text field. 

This template was used very often before. After each request for permissions an email was sent to our managers for approval.


Now i edited the template:

I deleted the single line text field and added a paragraph text field. 

The template is working very well. BUT:


In all of our old tickets who was based on this template the content of the single line text field was deleted.

If we would be a larger iso certified company, this could be a game changer!

How can this be? For me this isn't the meaning of a template, right?

Is this a bug or feature? ;-)

Looking forwar to hear from you.

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Hi Jorg,  

We are really sorry for the inconvenience you have gone through.  

However, I would like to notify you that, we do throw a warning message when you try deleting a field and let you know the consequences saying "Warning! You will lose the data pertaining to this field in all old tickets permanently. Are you sure you want to delete this field?".  

If you would like to change the field type, we would suggest that you to take an export and then update the data to the new field through API.

Hello Thushan

thank you for your response. I reproduced this behaviour, you're totally right, i must have overlooked this. My fault 😕.

Could you please describe the process further more or is there any knowledgebase article belonging to this?

Thank you in advance.

(Ps. The corresponding ticket can be closed.)

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Hi Jorg,

Thanks for understanding.

I am afraid we may not able to retrieve the data. However, you can make use of data export for Tickets and using API we can update the Ticket with the value for the newer field.