CSAT sent with the resolution e-mail to approve or refuse solution. Automator not working

  • 18 March 2022
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Hi there !

Maybe I’ll find a solution here.

So, here is my problem.

I could you use the ‘requester has replied to the ticket’ to reopen the ticket but what I want is that user approve or deny the solution of the ticket, that’s why I’m using CSAT.

CSAT is automatically with e-mail notification ‘Agent has resolved the ticket’

Requester receive the e-mail : Does the proposed solution solve your problem?
Yes, it’s ok (score 10)

No, I’m still having the problem. I want this ticket to be reopened (Score -10)

I made the automator below but it’s not working as expected.

This automator is set to read the CSAT answer (negative CSAT score should reopen the ticket and war the agent)

But it’s not working.

Actually, I can’t see this event in the ticket activities.

The ticket remains “solved”, that is not working.


What am I doing wrong ?


Svāgata :)



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Hi @fredddd  ,

The reason the automator doesn’t run could be because you may have used an incorrect event block or the workflow is waiting for some other workflow to complete. Try reordering the workflow to the top and select Customer satisfaction rating is negative in the event block and add an action block with two actions in it. One to Send Email to the Event performing agent and the other to set the status of the ticket as Open. You can refer the below images for more clarity.






Aravindsrihari B V.

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Hi @Aravindsrihari,

Thanks for your kind answer 🙂
You’re right. I struggle a little bit with that but it’s working pretty well now
That automator it’s pretty good thing

Many thanks for help,