Custom Date Field is always empty

  • 12 January 2022
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so we have a strange problem. In some of our service articles we added a custom date field. But no matter what our customers put in there it will always be empty. They have to do the extra step and go into the freshly created ticket and change the date in this field again for it to save the put in date.


This is how we setup the field



After the ticket is created and a date is properly set during creation (I supervised it one time in case of user error on our customers side) it will show like in the picture below.


1 reply

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Hi @tony.s When your users are filling in a field under a service request, they would be part of the requested items in the service request ticket(under the description box) The second screenshot that you have shared is under the ticket properties(on the right hand side within a ticket) and these fields do not copy the data from requested items section.

So for Service requests, the custom form is available on the ticket summary and won’t be available under ticket properties.