Customer satisfaction is not using our custom layout

  • 3 August 2016
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When a user clicks on the satisfaction rating icons, the resulting window is far from perfect.

Our normal colors are these:

Besides this, the remark 'wish you were a little more happy' is really inappropriate and should be removed.

Could be replaced with the existing comments entered in the admin module, 'just okay'.

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3 replies

Hey Smorey,

Thank you for reaching out.

Let me share this will this the development team and get back to you with their findings as early as possible.



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Our logo has dark text on a white or transparent background.  In the portal and rating screen it looks fine, but after submitting the survey, the screen has the default dark background which looks pretty bad.  It would also be nice if instead of an alert pop-up, it simply displayed a message that I could customize.  And also if we could control the alignment of the header text to the logo.

- Thanks



Hey Tiele,

Thank you for sharing your feedback.

We are revamping our Customer Survey module and we are trying to implement more robust survey responses.

Will keep you posted once it is made available.

Just to keep you informed, currently, we have Survey Monkey Integration which allows you to have a personalised survey form, for more details visit

Feel free to write to for any technical queries and support.



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