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  • 14 January 2021
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I am trying to change the Asset management to our needs but I am hitting walls every time I am trying to change something.

For example I am trying to remove certain form fields or change the name of fields but there are no options for this.

When I am trying to remove the Cost tab of a new asset, I can’t find the option at all.


I am looked thru the solution DB and community help but no success.

Is there anywhere where I can find manual or tutorials in depth of the asset management?

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Hi Stuart,


Currently, you won’t be able to edit/rename/remove default asset fields in Freshservice. So if you are not finding an option to modify an existing field, it's probably a default asset field. These fields would be greyed out in the Asset form fields section. You can find the Cost field under Admin -> Asset Types -> Hardware.



We hope this helps.

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