Dealing with a large number of items in the service catalog

  • 5 November 2021
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We are currently trying to design our service catalogue in our new customer portal and are really struggling with software in the catalogue. 

Our current system is an intranet page where people scroll through nearly 100 items in a single list, which is not a great user experience.  

We have reviewed the current list and got it down to about 60 items but it’s still a lot.  

We’ve tried to think up categories, so we can display it better but it’s hard to define in terms of what the customer thinks a piece of software belongs to category wise!   

We will obviously be using the main search functionality, which should help, but I just thought I would ask the community how they have tried to get around this problem?




1 reply

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@pcooke I know @BarclayRae has some good guidance on service catalogues. I’m sure he’ll chip in once he sees this :)