Dealing with incomplete data in employee onboarding?

  • 10 February 2023
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I’m investigating the employee onboarding module in Freshservice, and I’m wondering how it deals with changes in information. Here’s an example of what I mean:

Let’s say we have an onboarding form with two fields, both text fields. * marks fields that are required:

  • Name*
  • Bank Account Number

And let’s say there are two child tickets created. The second one depends on the first being completed:

  • “Create computer account” (includes the “Name” field)
    • “Add user to employee database” (includes the “Bank Account Number” field)

Let’s pretend that the employee doesn’t have a bank account number NOW, but will before they start, and let’s also pretend that HR typed the employee’s name wrong.

My questions are:

  • Can HR go in and change the spelling of the name after the fact?
  • If they can change the form, what happens to the child tickets?
    • Does the Name field update in the ticket to show the correct name?
    • Is the assignee of the “Create computer account” ticket notified that a change was made?
  • If HR can’t update the form, what’s the best way to handle these situations? Because there will be plenty of instances where we don’t have all the information we need NOW, but will in a week or so, and we don’t want to hold up the process simply because the new employee is still waiting for a piece of information to arrive (e.g. the results of a background check)
  • Is the “add user to employee database” ticket created even if a Bank Account Number is not entered?
  • Can the person who is dealing with the “Create computer account” add the employee’s username somewhere so that it can be used in  the “Add user to employee database” ticket?
    • I’ve seen this article, but what does that actually look like for the agent who is creating the computer account? Is it a textbox they type into? Do they need to edit the ticket to add that info? 
    • What happens if they don’t include that the username? Will the “Add user to employee database” ticket get created?

I know there’s a lot to deal with, and I’m planning on doing some testing myself, but I want to know about other peoples’ experiences with the onboarding module so I don’t have to clog our system with test tickets.

2 replies

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Aa far as I know you can’t edit the fields afterwards. If you  add all the fields in the an Service item you can edit them afterwards but then you loos a lot of the function in the module. There are a app that repeats the notes in a parent ticket to all child tickets. Or you can do it with automations as well. 

There are maybe someone else who has an better idea. 

In a implementation I made for a customer we used Form fields to share data between tickets. 
The requirement for that is the ticket  in your case “Add user to employee database” is depended on “Create computer account”. Then the agent adds the username in the form field and resolve the ticket. When that happens a automation takes that value and populate the field in the “Add user to employee database” ticket. We also populate the parent ticket as well. Like the article you linked to. 

You create a business rule that sets the username field to be mandatory to resolve the ticket. And the fields are hidden for all other sources.


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Oh the bane and pain of misinformation from HR adds a lot of overhead.

For us we have coached HR that they must verify the information prior to submitting the request.  HR enters service request, we build the account right now with the information they put in.  If you put their first or last name in incorrectly then yes their email accounts will be created incorrectly.

If you provide the wrong address, on service request creation we send an email to our outside PC vendor that ships the PC, they will ship to the wrong address as soon as the SR is entered we send the email and they ship.  They need to be accountable for their quality of data or there will be pain downstream.

For the bank number I would make it optional, especially if you have times it is not available at time of submission.  Then I would have a separate service request that HR or the new hire can provide just that information when it is available. Also then allows them to UPDATE that information should it change in the future.