Different Support Portal, solutions and Fields - is possible?



Is it possible to create different support portals depending on the organization? Each organization requires different tickets, solutions and fields. Mixing everything together will be a nuisance for users, especially since each organization uses a different language.That is why we would like the support portal to have a different look for each organization.

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  1. Solutions: Solutions, also known as knowledge bases or help centers, provide self-service resources for users to find answers to common questions or issues. Within your ticketing system, you can create multiple solutions that focus on specific products, services, or departments. Each solution can have its own categories, articles, and search capabilities, making it easier for users to find relevant information.

  2. Fields: Fields in a ticketing system capture specific information about a ticket or support request. You can customize selling-feet-pics-dangerous-safe-ways the fields to capture the necessary data based on the context or requirements. When setting up different support portals or solutions, you can configure unique fields for each portal or solution to capture information relevant to that specific area. For example, a field for capturing product version may be required for one solution but not for another.

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There are a couple of options that may address your need.


MSP mode:

(This is the one I think would work for you).




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Yes, it is definitely possible to create different support portals for different organizations based on their specific requirements. Many organizations implement customized support portals to cater to their unique needs and provide a better user experience for their customers or users.
Customization options can include:
1) Ticket categories: Each organization can have its own predefined categories for users to select when submitting a ticket. This helps in routing the ticket to the appropriate team or department for resolution.
2) Knowledge base: The knowledge base can be tailored to include articles, FAQs, and tutorials specific to each organization's products or services. Users can easily find relevant information without having to search through unrelated content.
3) Custom fields: Organizations can define custom fields that capture specific information related to their products or services. These fields can be included in the ticket submission form to gather the necessary details from users.
4) Branding and design: Each organization's support portal can have its unique branding and design elements, aligning with their overall brand identity. This helps in creating a consistent and familiar experience for users.
5) User access and permissions: Organizations may have different user roles and access levels within their support portals. This ensures that users from different organizations only have access to the relevant content and functionalities based on their permissions.
By providing separate support portals, organizations can streamline their support processes, improve user satisfaction, and deliver a more personalized support experience.