Do you need to manually add every user you want to be able to use SSO via Azure AD ?

  • 22 October 2021
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Basically title, I can get SSO working with pre-existing freshworks users however it doesn’t work with users that only exist in Azure AD (“-insert user- cannot be logged in as this user is not part of this organization”). So am I missing something or do you need to add/import users even if they’re going to use their AD login ?


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I believe you would need to use the AD sync process to at least get the users in the system, then SSO handles the Authentication.


How would you sync Azure AD users though ? I’m either braindead or can’t Google, I’ve been trying to find a solution to this for a week now without success.

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@Garchomped you can install the below app from Admin→ Apps and sync your users to Freshservice.

This is not mandatory and the user record would be created in Freshservice through SSO as well. Please check on Azure side if you have enabled all users to have access to Freshworks application through SSO. If not you would need to add the users to the application in Azure.


Sorry for the late reply but that really helped, thanks.