Dropdown fields from another form

  • 7 September 2018
  • 1 reply

Hi. How can I create a dropdown box in my new form. I find it essential from my custom server form to lookup in another custom form where I register my operating systems. And connect a SQL engine with databases. And connect my services with my servers etc etc.

I know I can make a relationship between two asset types, but I'm unable make reports based on these relationships nor make filter based on values in relationsships.

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1 reply

Hi Petter,

You can create a custom dropdown field by navigating to Admin -> Form Fields -> Ticket Fields. However, from what I understand, you would like this field to query a database which would not be possible as of now. You need to feed on the values in the Dropdown field manually.

Regarding the relationships, you can view the Asset Relationships by making use of our API available here.