Dynamic Sections in Ticket Forms for Estate plan only!?!?!?!

I was excited when i saw the email about being able to have dynamic drop down selections in forms and was poking around to edit my forms.
Then I was hugely disappointment when I discovered that the feature is only for Estate plan holders!!!

I think this is ridiculous. A feature enhancement like this should be available to all plan holder and not just estate plan holders. I get that extra modules/add-on is extra charge but this shows that freshservice is being greedy in my eyes.

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Heard you Jinlong and you can get excited again :-) 

We are bringing this in all paid plans and should be out in another 2 weeks.


Manager -Freshservice Support

woohoo! that is awesome news! thank you team!

Hi Jinlong,

Unlike i had earlier mentioned, implementation date of this feature was pushed further due to some unforeseen factors with few dependencies in the product.If everything goes according to the plan this will be deployed by end of this week.


Dynamic Sections are now part of all paid plans.