E-mail support replies creating new tickets

  • 5 May 2014
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Our company would like to use both the web portal and offer e-mail based support.  Mail is being forwarded from our own support e-mail box to our freshService support e-mail address and creating tickets. 

Here's the problem. Say the customer e-mails individual B directly and CC's support, when Individual B replies to all, including the support e-mail, a new ticket is then created in Fresh Service. Is there any way around this? We would like to append the reply to the existing ticket. 

Thanks for any suggestions. 

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1 reply

Hi Jessica

By any chance, could the USER be using Multiple EMail Addresses, due to which a New ticket is created, from the 2nd Email address. I know some mailboxes allow REPLY TO option, where we can specify some other email address.

Can you provide us with Ticket IDs etc, so we can analyze this ?