Email Commands Not Behaving As Expected

  • 11 March 2019
  • 2 replies

I have followed the steps here:

I am trying to use: action:note - Add a private note to the ticket

This does not add a private note. When I use @simonsays "action":"note" @simonsays it adds a note to the ticket but it is a blank public note. If I remove the whole command and reply to a ticket it adds it as a public note with text body included. What am I missing?

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2 replies

This started working. Don't know why as I really changed nothing with the coding.

Thanks for your input.

Hi Claude,

Please try using the below commands,

@Simonsays "action":"note" @Simonsays try this article!!

This should probably help you, I see one of the Support Rep has contacted you on this and let us know if you still have any trouble and we are glad to help you over it.