Emails from Freshservice going into Junk

  • 21 October 2016
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We've had reports from staff and clients and 3rd party suppliers that emails from our Service Desk (eg ticket replies or ticket notifications) are going into their Junk email folders.

Is anyone else experiencing this? It is causing major issues with clients thinking we have not responded.

29 replies

Anyone else getting this?

Yes, we are.  We're seeing messages with "This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be" for some of the emails from Freshservice.  Are you using Office 365?  I was just told by Microsoft that they've implemented a change and that we need to set a rule to bypass spam filtering for the IP addresses of the Freshservice sending mail servers.  There's a mismatch in the P1 and P2 headers.

We are having this issue too, we added two rules to allow the Freshservice 'ITSupport' spoof through but it only worked for so long. Waiting for Microsoft to get back to us.


I had the same problem that has been solved for now. Freshservice have us moved to a further server, also I have followed  this instruction.

Yet I also let create a ticket with Microsoft, all this beauty has no price, but it does work for now , and ask myself for how long.


Hope you guys are doing well!

If you are still facing this issue please write back, as Ronald mentioned we will change the IP address of your instance and get it fixed for you.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.



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I think we possibly are still getting this, yes. One of my team reported that he had not received notifications.



Hi Charlie,

Thank you for writing back.

I will make the changes and will keep you posted.



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Hi Charlie,

Thank you for your patience.

We checked the activity in the email servers,everything looks good with the account.

Is it happening for any specific user? if yes, please share the email address, will be glad to check that and get back to you.



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Hi Jayesh,

We are still encountering this issue and it is starting to severely impact our service to our clients. I have updated my ticket #829037 with detail of the new client's domain as I don't want to publish it on the forum.



Hi All,

Did you also change the SPF record!, in the DNS with you hosting provider.

please check your SPF

v=spf1 -all

Hi Jayesh, 

Same issue here. 

i already added freshservice to the spf record. 


We too are seeing the same issue unfortunately. This is causing a significant headache with our clients.



I'm having the same problem with my service -

Have updated the SPF record but made no difference.

This issue is still on-going. We have updated the SPF and whitelisted Freshservice with all our clients, however the emails are still being marked as Junk.

This really isn't workable for us, and is causing embarrassment with our clients. We are being forced to review our service desk software with a view to moving away from Freshservice as we need to know that communications are being received.

Here's an idea! Let everyone use their own SMTP servers so we don't rely on the incompetence of FreshSerive. You can? In the "Estate" plan? So I have to pay more if I want control of the mail flow? I have to pay more to use my own service? I regret signing up for freshservice. Will be switching to proper helpdesk soon. 

I cannot comprehend why using your own email server is in the most expensive plan. 

Hey guys,

I had to call microsoft office 365 to get freshservice emails not to go into my clients junk folder. Below is what what I did. I've also attached a picture...

click use your own mail server
Choose incoming and outgoing
Incoming mail server for IMAP office 365 is    Port # 993  USE SSL
Authentication is PLAIN
Put in your password for incoming email account that you are using

Outgoing mail server for office 365 SMTP settings is Port# 587 USE SSL/TLS
Authentication is LOGIN
Input password again for email account...

Boom shakala!



We have this issue as well, but only with Office 365 / Exchange servers with custom filtering rules for bulk email / graymail. Office 365 by default assigns our helpdesk emails a low spam confidence level (SCL) but a *very* high bulk complaint level (BCL), Many organizations with Office 365 use bulk email filtering rules that automatically mark high BCL-scoring emails as spam. Trying to appeal to various email administrators to manually create Exchange transfer rules because of this isn't really a solution; the proper solution would be to fix the underlying reasons why the BCL score is so high.

Greetings, I've noticed freshservice emails go straight to the spam folder in my Gmail account (still testing the product to use it in our office). I'm afraid this issue would replicate with end users as well and think no we are not responding to their issues.

We had the same issue.  We moved to having google at as an SMTP relay and it solved the issue. 

 Is there a valid fix to using office365 mail for incoming and outgoing mail?

We migrated to 365 mail.

Users helpdesk email is going straight to the Junk folder...

Hello, we're testing freshservice as well, and are experiencing the same problem. Mails go straight into the junk folder on Outlook 365.

Any solutions for this?

Because it is self-evident that such an issue is a deal breaker.

I have been having the same issue. I tried Devon Edwards approach and there was no improvement. In fact, for whatever reason, I now get duplicates of all various notification emails (i.e. tickets open, closed, etc.).  The duplicates send to both the client and our staff... it's very odd.

I am in the testing stage of pre-sale for this and have spent countless hours configuring our system in MSP mode... only to find out that pretty much all of our tickets go to Junk, Spam, or are flagged as being "spoofed".  A simple header check on the emails reveals that many of the servers being used (many of them actually belonging to Google / Gmail actually) are flagged in various spam / blacklist / backscatter lists and as a result... are causing these issues. I am not really sure how or what you could do to remedy this, other than find a provider OTHER THAN Gmail or Office 365 (Exchange) to route mail through. I am on the fence about spending any more time using this software if it is plagued by this. I hope it gets resolved!

Any update on this issue getting resolved? Please allow all plans to use a custom mail server to resolve this problem. 

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Hi, Our pricing model has been designed to include Custom Mailbox only on the Estate and Forest plans. However, you can have it as an add-on to your current plan itself without having to upgrade to the highest plan. Saying that, our team is also working on our own email platform which should be rolled out within a month. We'll keep this thread updated once it's available for production.

Regarding the Office 365 issue, you would have noticed our SCL score is healthy enough to be not recognised as Spam/Junk, but as our mail server sends more emails than the limit of Office 365 for bulk emails, BCL score is marked high, which in turn gets market as Spam by default transport rule which checks for BCL score. We suggest modifying the transport rule which would not move them to Spam/Junk folder to fix this issue for now.