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  • 27 April 2015
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I received no feedback on this as a Feature Request and it is a definite problem for my team, so I am raising it here also.

I've set up a vanity email address using our company domain (e.g. and have configured forwarding from the email to the generated Freshservice email associated with it.

The problem is, when we receive an email from our service desk it does not display only the vanity email (e.g. IT Support <>) and instead shows as coming from the Freshservice generated email address "on behalf of" the vanity email address, i.e. IT Support <> on behalf of IT Support <>.

We are using Office 365 with Exchange Online, and Outlook 2013 is our primary email client.

We're keen to roll out Freshservice but this is really putting my management off using it as it will cause confusion and concern within the company when they see emails coming on behalf of

There is clearly a problem with the your email configuration, and I believe it is the fact that your emails contain the "Sender:" header.

I note that Freshdesk does not have the same problem, having tested it myself.

Can you please match the email configuration of Freshdesk in Freshservice to resolve this problem?

We'll be very happy to subscribe to the full system then.

Many thanks,


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2 replies

Further to this, the same is the case with Freshservice-generated email accounts.

It seems there is some kind of misconfiguration in your domain/sub-domain management or your email service, as emails are coming from not

Please see attached.




Hi All

Just adding the Link to the Feature Request here.