Employee onboarding - Add people button does not send CC's - how to CC multiple parties

  • 25 October 2021
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Hi there,

Problem: We need to send a copy of the onboarding request to the supervisor, payroll, inventory management and other departments.

I’m trying to figure out a way to get the application to send a automatic email to the people Cc’d in the onboarding request when ‘add people’ is pressed.

My understanding is that you need to press ‘add people’ to add the CC receipt and then comment on the ticket for the new comment email to be sent to them - this is annoying because its a extra step, when you add someone they should receive a email automatically.

Is there anyway to send emails to people when they are added as CCs using the ‘add people’ button.

How do you all solve this problem, I am sure someone has run into this problem where they need to send the onboarding request to a lot of recipients. 

6 replies

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You may find the ability to set that up in the Workflow Automator.  You can set the rules it would need to match, then create the action you want to happen when that occurs. 


I tried in the automator but can’t get it to work. It appears that when you press ‘add people’ and you add the CCs, the people do not get a email notification which pretty much defeats the purpose of even adding people to the ticket. 

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@Bryan0392 - Hi - there is an Email Notification called CC Notifications - I know it works with regular tickets and service requests so maybe check and confirm its active in your instance?  


@BrynCYDEF Hi - it works with Incidents and Service requests but that behaviour was not made in the Onboarding module. It’s been months since this issue was addressed, not pleased with the customer service on Fresh Service.  I even reached out to my customer success manager and it seems like they are ignoring the problem. 

They would rather make new features than fix the bugs in their current system :shrug_tone4:

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Hmm - that’s too bad.  It does seem like a bug that they should just fix.  I haven’t really explored the Onboarding module too much yet.

I see that there is a [cc to] action in workflows but it looks static - you could pre-assign the cc list but not be able to adapt to new/different names in the ticket.

Ah well.


yeah that’s the issue we are running into. Our business case is that HR needs to CC the hiring manager and potentially other departments depending on the new hire. It would be ideal that when they make the ticket they can just CC whomever and that person receives a copy of the ticket and can follow it in the workflow. We’ve had issues where hiring managers are unsure what stage the hiring process is at and this would give it clarity. Unfortunately having the CC function not work as intended prevents us from doing so.

In the incident and the Service Request function it works fine and as expected. It just seems like the Add People button in the Onboarding Module wasn’t fully complete or had bugs when they launched. I suspect thats the use of the function but just has that bug that prevents it from working.