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  • 30 September 2021
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I am looking for a way to report off of the Employee Onboarding custom fields. I see the functionality is available for Service Request items but I can’t seem to find anything on Employee Onboarding. Seems like being able to report on it should be a feature.

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4 replies

I am also looking for this function. Onboarding reporting is something my HR department heavily relies on.

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Hi all,



We don’t have reporting on Employee Onboarding custom fields available currently. However this is part of our future roadmap. We appreciate your feedback. We’ll raise an enhancement request on your behalf and let you know when this functionality is available within Freshservice.

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Team Freshservice

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@jon.mou & @gvick89 - Thank you for bringing this up! Highly recommend either of you to add this to our Idea Board. This helps other users who are looking for the same feature upvote for it and our Freshservice product team would also pick it up from their for the roadmap.

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Thanks @jon.mou for posting this idea. Anyone who is looking to have this feature within Freshservice, upvote for this idea :point_down_tone2: