Employee Onboarding - Assign Reporting Manager as the requester for Service Request

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We are starting to work with the employee onboarding process, in which our Human Resources department initiates the process, then the reporting manager is providing additional information and selecting the service request items from the built kit.


The issue we are experiencing is we would like the service request items to reference the reporting manager as the requester, as opposed the HR member whom initiated the process.


I’m trying to determine how this can be setup in workflow, or is there an option I’m overlooking in the onboarding setup.

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@ITservicedesk - did you get a solution for this?  We are struggling with the same problem

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Yes and No,

We had to add an additional place hold “Reporting Manager Email” in which the HR member has to type in the email address referenced from the Reporting Manager drop down (agent listing), however it work.

The API call the uses PUT action

Endpoint: https://*{{ticket.id_numeric}}

Credentials Inline


  "description": "{{ticket.subject}}",
  "email": "{{ticket.onboarding_request.actor_1.cf_reporting_manager_email_please_type_the_email_address_seen_above}}"


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Hello @ITservicedesk just out of curiosity, does the solution you came up with mess with how the HR manager sees the child tickets in the support portal? Now that they are associated to the hiring manager.

Have you thought about maybe swapping the flow and having the reporting manger initiate the request, then have the HR Manager add any relevant information and approve the request? This would keep the Reporting Manager as the requester.

Just a thought. Take care!