Employee Onboarding - Child Tickets

  • 3 January 2022
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Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows of a way that when a Parent ticket is re-assigned, whoever it is reassigned to also gets the child tickets assigned to them. We are setting up onboarding, and we want it so when the IT Support Manager assigns the Parent ticket to an Agent, all the child tickets also get assigned to that agent. 

I do not see a way to do this in the workflow, but just wanted to see if I am missing something. 

Example - 

If I would reassign this ticket (parent ticket) to Britany, but all the child tickets stay assigned to Josh

Workflow - 

This is what we where told from Support to try, but then this assigns the child tickets to the IT support manager, as they are the “event preforming agent” changing the agent. and anytime the ticket is update in the future, this would run again.


1 reply

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Hi @DevonGansebom , it is not possible currently to set the parent ticket’s agent to the child tickets as well. I would like to understand if there’s a possibility for you to not create these child tickets but keep all the items under a single ticket as additional items. The reasoning behind child tickets would be to route these tickets to individual groups who would be responsible to perform the respective action. If you would like to retain all these tickets under the same agent, can we avoid the creation of child tickets and link all the respective items under the same ticket?