Enable Email notification BEFORE SLA Violation

We recently had a situation where we were blindsided by an SLA Violation. SLA is a huge part of our metrics, and we need to be notified BEFORE the SLA gets violated. In my searching I only found a way to send an escalation email after the SLA is violated.

Is there any way to notify the agents when a ticket is approaching the First Response SLA or the Resolution SLA? It would be great if there were conditions in Supervisor rules for "Hours until Response Due" or "Hours until Ticket is Due" so we can create the email alert ourselves.

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That's fuzzy and expensive compute logic to sort through.

I'd suggest you add an observer rule based on time since whatever action gets your SLA clock running. 

I dont think that its fuzzy at all. It already tracks time on the ticket and sends you a SLA violation when that time is breached. A warning email would simply be SLA Violation Time + (Variable representing Warning Time). When that threshold is met it sends a warning without affecting SLA. Pretty easy logic.

I figured out how to set up this notification. I set up a supervisor rule with the condition "Hours since overdue is -2." The negative value works, and sends the notification email 2 hours before the ticket is overdue.


Just found there is is the option to do this underneath the where you set the SLA.

Best thing I've seen all day! Thank you Craig!