Enterprise Service Management - "the one thing"?

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Alan Berkson and I are recording an enterprise service management (ESM) video-on-demand talk today and it got me thinking about the key factors involved in organizations either adopting or not adopting an ESM approach.

So, if your IT organization is already sharing its ITSM capabilities with other business functions, what would you say was the one thing that spurred it to do so?

Or, if there’s no sharing of ITSM capabilities with other business functions, what’s the one thing that has prevented this?

I look forward to your response(s).

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I would say the ability to implement items in the service catalog has been our biggest “selling point” to our non-IT business units. Many of these teams were using distribution lists for requests that they receive and by having them take some samples and provide areas where staff often don’t include all the information required in their initial email to the distro, we were able to setup service catalog items which ‘ask the right questions’ and provide the users all the information needed to resolve the request.

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After taking a closer look as to the definition of ESM, one step that we have done to bridge the gap between ESM and ITSM is implement Employee Onboarding into our ITSM software. We use freshservice and have started using the Employee Onboarding module. It has opened my eyes to the potential for other ways to incorporate non-IT services into our service catalog, and workflow.

I would love to know how others have leveraged Freshservice for Enterprise Service Managment!