Firewall Policy

  • 7 April 2022
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Hi, i have a question about firewall policy for Freshservice:

What firewall policy i need to allow for the agent installed on the pc? and for the discovery probe?


Thanks to all.

Matteo S.


1 reply

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Hello @Matteo S,



Ports should be enabled in Firewall to allow inbound and outbound transfer :

● ICMP to check the device availability

● Port TCP/135, TCP/445, and a random port for WMI/DCOM

● Port UDP/137 for Name Services

● Port TCP/443 for VMWare ESXI Scanning

● Port TCP/161 for SNMP Network Devices(Default Port)

● Port 22 for SSH


Discovery Agent:

→Port(443) for Https.

The Discovery Agent will use their Freshservice URL and to communicate with the FS and for Auto upgradation respectively.


Hope this helps!