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  • 22 March 2023
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I want to make sure I am understand First call resolution. So i can provide my executive team better reporting on this. Here is a situation, we get in a ticket from a user. One of my agents from group/team A, reply's to that ticket to make sure we comply with the response SLA requirement (but doesn't assign the ticket to an agent), then that same agent assigns the ticket to another agent in another group/team. Now my question is, how will that ticket count against the original agent in group/team A or will it just not count on his score at all?

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.

Richard DeRosa



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Hi Richard.

Hope your doing great.

This should address your inquiry:


Hope this clarifies.





So if I’m understanding this correctly, if I have a user open a ticket, and I reply to that ticket to get further clarification or to ask a question, then the user who opened the ticket replays to answer me. Then this particular ticket will count against my FCR score, is that correct?

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That's correct, because there would then be a second or more calls (email responses) from customer side.

If your team proceeds in phone calling (or any other method of contact other than FS email) that is not integrated with FS in order to gather that missing information, then the First Contact will remain intact.




Thank you everyone. This clears up our confusion. Appreciate the input.