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  • 25 September 2015
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I threw this out as a ticket, but wanted to see if anyone has asked similar questions, get more thoughts. Thanks!

I need to know precisely what events start and stop the clock used to calculate the "AVERAGE FIRST RESPONSE TIME (IN HRS)" metric.

For example, the "Group at a glance" report includes the metric "

I need to know, exactly and specifically, which events trigger that timer and end it.


I could assume that the response time is calculated by the difference in the ticket's creation time until the first response is made.

However - I don't know if the system is smart enough to account for business hours.
For example: 
Our business hours are 830am-530pm EST.

If a ticket is created at 0001, and responded to at 0832, is that a 1 minute response time, because the system is accounting for business hours? 
OR - is that an 8 hour and 31 minute response time, because business hours are not accounted for?

Also - 
Does the first response clock stop when:
a reply is sent?
What about a Forward?
What about a note (private)?
What about a note (public)?



6 replies

I know that the first response clock doesn't stop when a private note or forward is added to the ticket. I've only seen it stop when a reply is sent or a public note is added.

From what I understand, the FR timer is triggered when the ticket is created, but only runs during normal business hours. So that means if you responded at 0832 (in your example above), that would be a 2 minute response time (since the timer started at 0830). The devs can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is how it works.

I agree that this is not clear. I don't want to turn my staff into robot's just responding for the sake of responding, that is the opposite of good customer support. That said, I do want them to review every ticket that comes in and make sure that it's prioritized correctly and in the right place ASAP. I'm trying to use the FR timer as an indication of that activity, so a private note, or metadata update should be able to be considered first response if that's how our system works.  

This seems like a configuration item that different shops would treat in different ways depending on their needs. 

Same here. I would like to have the FR stops when a private note is added or changing the status to ' hold ' .

Sometimes we respond to the client by phone and there is not need to reply again through the ticketing system.. 

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Hi All,

To clarify the first response timer starts as soon as the ticket is created and stops when a reply is sent by the agent or a public note is added on the ticket during business hours. 

Adding a private note will not stop the first response SLA timer as we consider First response as any communication on the ticket that updates the requester of the ticket and private notes are not visible to requesters.

For tickets created through phone, we recommend having a separate SLA policy and configuring it with a higher First Response time to avoid SLA violation if required.

For your reference: Creating Multiple SLA policies 

Let us know if any further clarification is needed.



There are instances where a ticket is closed without a reply or public note and the first response status shows in Analytics as "---", rather than Within SLA.

Why is this?  It is a problem where tickets are created by agents while on the phone with requesters and the tickets are closed on first contact, immediately being placed in Closed status upon creation. 

This first response timer should really take business hours into consideration. It is a useless metric without it, unless you are running an 24/7 support MSP.